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Open lecture on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT area

December 15, 2016, an open lecture on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT area was held by Ihor Katernyak, PhD, assoc.prof. of Electronics & Computer Science Department, I.Franko National University of Lviv.

Representatives from businesses(Mykola Kmit, Yaroslav Rym and others) and Olga Syvak from Lviv City council, as well as Ivan Bolesta, the head of the Department, and Roman Shuvar, the head of the Department and the head of the educational and methodological board, visited that energizing and inspiring event, during which 4-year students in teams took the floor to make their pitches.

The students presented their start-up projects, among which:

    GU2TK2 "Measure it!" fro travellers;
    Lost and Found;
    CUB-E "Print your world"
    Food Express
    DYNO "Make your life easier"
    Image to Text web service
    House Safety Control device
    Forecasting a book's success
    "Foodie" Healthy Lifestyle Ahead - personalized diet app
    Trip On - a platform to exchange tourist information
    Check before Send - an app which helps avoid embarrassing situations
    Food Constructors
    BeerSeeker   etc.

Another exciting part of the event was when the students received valuable feedback from the audience - businesspersons from Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv and New York: both constructive critics and inspiring messages, for example, on how vital it is to be passionate about one's idea and project, to think out of the box as well as to thing globally, in order to be successful and go on with original ideas.
The event demonstrated the need for a 'Room' to support and continue students' work with idea development, testing and piloting, project implementation, and esp. IoT start-ups.

See more photos from the event here >>

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